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Simon Cabaret Patong Phuket

This is a world famous Simon cabaret that you will be glad you did not miss.  It had its original opening in 1991 and opened to a packed house.  Simon Cabaret has been growing and evolving ever since and has long been a crowd favourite of world travellers everywhere.  These entertainers were born to perform.  They love to dress up and entertain and will not disappoint.  Most of their audiences are amazed to find out that the performers are not naturally born women.

Instead, they are men who prefer to live their lives as women.  The performers are like family.  They live their lives together and you can tell when you watch them.  There is a closeness that’s hard to put your finger on.  It’s clear that these performers were born to perform and it comes through in their passion for the show.  It’s a hilarious laugh-along comedy that will enthral you with the glamorous costumes, luxurious venue, dazzling lights and unforgettable personality.  This traditional Thai entertainment will be sure to amaze you.  It truly is a spectacular visual event full of music, dancing and fun.

The show has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world who have come to see the transgendered performers in all their glory.  You can hardly imagine that so much talent can be housed under one roof.  You will be amazed by the splashes of color that will dazzle anyone, the glamour that will leave you wanting more and the spectacular stage designs that make it look like they were dreamed up in some storybook land of imagination.

This truly is an event that will leave you feeling excited, entertained and wishing that your own life had a little more fabulous quality to it. You will enjoy every moment of the show and you will wish there was more to see when it ends.  Come see what all the fuss is about- you will not be disappointed. It really does live up to its hype.