Jet Ski Phuket 7 Islands

5 Hours
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • monkey on the jet ski tours phuket
  • Mangroves on the Jet Ski Tour Phuket
  • Man and his child enjoying Jet Ski Tour Phuket
  • couple of jet ski visiting monkey islands phuket
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  • guy enjoying the mangroves on jet ski tour
  • couple on jet ski tour in Phuket
  • monkeys on the jet ski tour in phuket
  • young couple enjoying jet ski phuket
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Safari Phuket
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands
  • couple on the beach on the jet ski tour
  • 2 jets near islands on the tour on phuket
  • woman and boy on jet ski tour in phuket
  • young guys on jet ski in phuket

Jet Ski Phuket 7 Stops Tour

Want to experience the thrill of a jet ski, and feel confident enough to get behind the handlebars? Get the adrenaline rush of a water sport while deciding on your own destination with our jet ski tour of seven islands around Phuket.

We’ll take you to the most untouched spots of the archipelago, far from any crowds. Visit the islands of Koh Pae (Tha Lea Weak) and Koh Sob, which is located in the middle of the sea with  two islets, and the famous Mangrove Forest, to see the monkeys and a local culture that’s incredibly close to nature.

Then you’ll head to Monkey Island to spot some macaques among the shaded palm trees, and Koh Nok for a spectacular photo opportunity. We’ll wrap up the tour at Koh Naka Yai, where you can quench your thirst with fresh coconut water and tropical fruits. If you’re looking for a Jet ski Phuket for a price worth celebrating, we’ve got you covered.

Jet-skiing is for many the best way  to have water sports’ fun while on holiday.

Tour of the Mangroves in Phuket

  • Pare Island
  • Naka Noi Island
  • Mangrove
  • Rang Yai Island
  • Sop Island
  • Monkey Beach
  • Rung noi lsland
  • Bat Island

 Jet Ski Tour 

Book early to avoid disappointment limited spaces the original and the best tour in Phuket.

Please note tour may change due to weather and tide conditions.

Runs twice daily 8.30am or 1.30pm choose morning or afternoon tour

Check itinerary for pick up times per area

What to bring:

  • a towel, dry clothes, swimwear, waterproof camera, some money, sun cream


1 x Jet Ski can carry 2 person

  • Insurance
  • Life jacket
  • Pictures
  • Professional tour guide
  • Water
  • Roundtrip transfer most areas
  • Lunch

Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, Included free transfers


  • Transfer to pier from certain areas, if you need a transfer we can arrange at an additional cost
  • Areas Not included in free transferRawai, Nai Harn, Panwa, Surin, Laguna, Naithon, Nai Yang, Airport, Mai Khao, Phuket town. Private transfer ask for quote or use bolt app Tour runs twice daily 8.15 am or 1.15pm near Ao Po

Download Brochure: Jet Ski Tour Phuket

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is price per person?

A: Price is per jet ski, 2 can ride and take turns driving.

Q: Can i pay on the day?

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  • Koh Pae(Tha Lea Weak)
  • Koh Sob located in the middle of the sea with 2 islands
  • Mangroves seeing nature, monkeys, and culture
  • Koh Yao(Maldive beach) white sand, clear water and surrounded by palm trees
  • Koh Nok for sightseeing the viewpoint
  • Koh Naka Yai chilling with fruits and coconut water.


  • The price is for 1 jet ski, available for 2 people on it
  • The child must be 4 years old
  • Weight limited 150kg per jet
  • Depart time 9:00 am -13:00 pm
  • Pick up from hotel at 7.00 to 8.00am morning tour. 11.30 to 12.30pm afternoon tour

Pick up time by area.


Rawai 6:30 am-6:45am

Kata and Karon 06:40am-07:00am

Patong 07:00am-07:20am

Kamala 07:30am-07:45am

Surin 07:45am-08:00am


Rawai 11:30am-11:45

Kata and Karon 11:45-12:00pm

Patong 12:00pm -12:20pm

Kamala 12:20pm-12:35pm

Surin 12:35pm-12.55pm


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  1. Sergie

    It was amazing adventure!!! I strongly recommend!!!.
    It was really cool !! Much more interesting than the photo in the description !! Not a single tourist has super islands and beaches, the ability to accelerate to a hundred! The best experience in Phuket!

  2. Amber Jenkins (verified owner)

    Experience is accurately described. Jet skis are basically brand new and in great working condition. Not your typically putt around for 15 mins booking. Would absolutely recommend to anyone considering booking.

  3. Asmus Hansen (verified owner)

    This was a great trip and we experienced some very beautiful Nature. Carl’s team were really nice and did their best to make it even greater. Thanks a lot. We Will come back

  4. Ryan Lewis (verified owner)

    Amazing trip! We took Jet Ski’s to some awesome locations and even went to an island with some great food and drinks and exotic animals! By the end of the day we were pretty tired from all of the traveling across water, but we would definitely do it again! Highly recommended!!

  5. Annie Baptiste (verified owner)

    Doing the jet-ski adventure was extra special. We never felt rushed or like we were just a part of a tourist sausage machine. We were even taken to an additional island because we had a bit of extra time. Exhilarating!

  6. Jackie Locke (verified owner)

    Truly special experience. We shared a jet ski and loved every minute of it. It’s a completely different way to see the islands and take in the beautiful sea. I’m so glad we splurged and did this adventure!

  7. Michelle Siolo (verified owner)

    Thank you so much to the team that looked after us today!!! The jet ski tour was definitely a once in a life time experience…We loved every moment! We highly recommend to all who are thinking of doing it.

  8. luis (verified owner)

    Experience is great! Carl and his team are super friendly and the trip with the jetski feel very private are you are not around any other tourists but your own group! Jetskis were super well maintained, and our guide was extremely helpful and attentive. We were a bit hungry and thirsty throughout the experience as they only gave us a small bottle of water, so bring your own!

  9. Chris Habegger (verified owner)

    Ganz OK. Wir hatten Hochs und Tiefs. Zuerst wurde uns nach der Buchung nicht mitgeteilt wann wir abgeholt werden. Ich musste spät abends nochmals nachfragen. Die Abholung im Hotel war dafür sehr pünktlich und der Transport war angenehm. Nach einer kurzen Pause wurden uns der Jetski übergeben. (es gab nur 2 Grössen an Schwimmwesten die zufälligerweise +/- passten, ich wüsste nicht was sie gemacht hätten wen ich viel grösser gewesen wäre.) Bei der Übergabe des Jetskis wurde und als erstes mitgeteilt das es manchmal ein lautes Signal geben werde mit dem Hinweis Batterie leer. Dies soll uns aber nicht stören, es sei alles ok. Beim genaueren betrachte des Displays stellte ich fest das nebst dieser Fehlermeldungen auch noch die Meldung Service und Motoren Lampe leuchteten. Auf den Hinweis wurde uns mitgeteilt das sei kein Problem. Ich hatte ein wenig ein unangenehmes Gefühl ging aber davon aus das sie schon wisse was sie tun und da ich schon 40 mal in Thailand war war mir diese Situation bekannt. Die ersten zwei Stunden waren super und wir hatten einen riesen Spass und ich hatte die fehlermeldungen bereits vergessen. Als wir dann durch die Mangrove fuhren wurde plötzlich die Motorenleistung des Jetskis reduziert und stellt nach 5 Minuten komplett ab. Uns wurde mitgeteilt der Motor sei überhitzt und wir sollen kurz warten. Dies machte mich skeptisch da die Motoren solcher Geräte normalerweise mit Meerwasser gekühlt sind und wir zu diesem Zeitpunkt den Motor nicht am Limit fuhren. Wir warteten ca 45 Minuten und probierten von Zeit zu Zeit wieder den Motor zu starten. (glücklicherweise waren wir in den Mangroven und nicht gerade irgendwo auf dem offenen Meer ohne Bäume. Diese Situation wäre aufgrund der Sonne unerträglich gewesen). Während den 45 Minuten wurde gefühlt 100 mal telefoniert und uns wurde mitgeteilt das eine Person kommen wird um den Jetski zu reparieren. Irgendwan kam dan eine zweite Gruppe vorbei bei der wir uns anschliessen mussten wir erhielten hierfür den Jetskis des Guides (Auch bei dem leuchtete die Batterie Warnung). Von da an war die Tour nicht mehr so intim und wir fühlten uns nicht mehr so speziell und abenteuerfreudig. (Dies lag aber nicht a den Guides. Die Guides habe ihre Arbeit toll gemacht) es war einfach ein ungutes Gefühl durch den Vorfall. Ich denke das hätte verhindert werden könne wenn man die Fahrzeuge anständig gewartet hätte, schade. Trotzdem war de tour einzigartig und im grosse und ganzen ok. Wir habe tolle Bilder gemacht und bekommen.

  10. Sean Rigby (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely unreal experience. I’ve traveled a ton and there aren’t many tours around the world similar to this one. Don’t let the price put you off, this is exponentially cheaper than anywhere else you’re going to jet ski. The views are amazing, the ride is a blast, they go out of their way to make you feel safe and at home, they give you cultural and historical background, pick up and drop off from your hotel. Couldn’t say enough good things about this experience! 10/10 recommend.

  11. Adam (verified owner)

    Very well organized. Seemless pickup and drop off at our accommodation. The tour was 5 hours. 3 hours spent on the water and 1 hour each way transfer from Kata Beach. There was a local family running the actual tour and they were very kind and wanted to do a great job. The young man that lead the jet ski tour was great at taking action pics which were available on facebook . This tour is more about whipping around on jet skis with a few brief stops. We really enjoyed it. There was only one other couple on the tour.

  12. Tibor (verified owner)

    Awesome experience. Combination of an adrenaline rush when going max speed, jumping over waves and the peace and beauty of the islands and mangroves. Very friendly guides (2) that spoke a little English and took a ton of photos and videos for us.

  13. Guillaume Rugolo (verified owner)

    Très bonne expérience 100% Nous avons eu la chance de partir que entre nous avec 2 jet ski Des endroit magnifique à voir Dure 3h et non 4h Déjeuner en sus à prévoir

  14. Kevin Harwood (verified owner)

    The experience was absolutely wonderful. Best way to see different islands that wouldn’t normally get to see. I actually had a monkey jump on the front of my jet ski and hangout for a few minutes which was great for once-in-lifetime photos. The jet ski’s that are rented on the popular beaches are a hotspot for scams so I would not have felt comfortable doing this without this Airbnb trip. Gove, the guide, is funny, knowledgeable friendly and attentive; he even takes tons of photos for you so you can focus on the fun.

  15. Victoria Wong (verified owner)

    What a unique and special tour away from crowded tourist boats. Felt like a private tour with 2 guides that were knowledgeable and made the effort to help us take photos and videos. Jet skiing between islands is such a great way to take in the scenery and it was the highlight of our trip. Thanks Carl for organizing the date changes and transport we definitely will recommend this to our friends!

  16. Marina Cerezo (verified owner)

    Ce fut une expérience inoubliable nous avons vu des paysages de rêves, nous avons rencontrés des singes nous avons vu des crocodiles en nous baladant dans les marées cages s’était génial je le conseille fortement !

  17. Jorge Herrera (verified owner)

    EXCELLENT! Our time was limited but Carl managed to ask the tour guides to rush our tour. I’m sure that we didn’t do a part of the tour since we had to leave to the airport that same day, early afternoon. Nevertheless, we felt more than satisfied. I know that it is a little pricey but IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! I’m repeating for my honeymoon!!!

  18. Rich (verified owner)

    Amazing experience exploring the islands of the Andaman Sea on a virtual private guided Jetski tour. The Jetski was brand new, our two guides were knowledgeable and caring young men who really new the area. So glad that we found the tour and were able to schedule it. Carl was very responsive and accommodating. I highly recommend this experience.

  19. Yana Makliassova (verified owner)

    This is definitely a unique experience so if the price doesn’t break the bank too much, definitely try it. Its much better than seeing these places from a speedboat. We rented one Jet Ski for 2 people. We were picked up from our hotel on Kata Beach and dropped back there after the tour. Our tour guides were 2 young lads and they did a good job looking. They spoke little English which was a shame as we couldn’t ask them anything about the places we visited, but one of them took pictures on his phone throughout the tour and sent them to me via facebook. This was great because we wouldn’t have been able to get these kinds of photos of us riding the jetski ourselves. The places we visited, except the last one, were all as expected – remote and almost no other tourists around. The last stop on the beach at Na Ka Island was the only disappointment. This was clearly a tourist trap as its where all the other speed boat tours also stop. We wild have preferred to stop at any one of the many empty remote little beaches we passed on the tour. The second wet got off the jetski a woman was waiting for us with a menu and almost dragged us by the hand to sit down at her table and order something. We ordered a banana shake (100 baht) and a large Singha (150 baht). They also offered cocktails but the price (250 baht) was more expensive than at our 4-star hotel! She also looked annoyed when we refused to order any food. Another small issue was the fresh fruit and coconuts, which the listing promised, but we never got. When I mentioned this to Carl he was surprised and said that shouldn’t have been the case. He offered us a discount off any other tours, if we want.

  20. Lerato Lefafa (verified owner)

    This 4-hour adventure offers great value for money, 30mins usually costs 1,500 Baht. Also liked seeing hidden gems!

  21. Sami Dahhan (verified owner)

    One of the best experiences we have ever been through. Recommended. It’s worth every penny

  22. Alex (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. Wouldn’t change a thing!

  23. Dele Fajobi (verified owner)

    A great experience…The tour guides don’t speak much English but they look after you. Thoroughly enjoyed this – would recommend.

  24. Chloe (verified owner)

    C’était magique

  25. widmer (verified owner)

    Nous avons passé une excellente journée et ceci à était une incroyable expérience. Nous avons vu de
    beaux paysages. Nous avons eu en prime de belles photos souvenirs.
    Je vous la recommande

  26. Nick (verified owner)

    Wonderful tour of multiple islands near Phuket. Staff take a ton of awesome pictures for you to capture the great views you can safely see from the water. Easily the best way to rent a jet ski and play on the water; and get some solid sightseeing in addition.

    As a recommendation for ladies: shorts over your swimsuit will help you stay comfortable. Men generally wear swimshorts, which give fabric between skin and jet ski seat, but women sometimes do not.

    Lunch was cold, which created some caution about eating it. Tasted fine, but hot food ensures more comfort that food will be safe for our farang digestive systems.

    Be careful to ensure your life jackets fit well on shore when they are handed to you. Sizing was not appropriate for one of us to the point it may have been a significant safety issue if they had fallen from the vehicle. I believe the tour team was watching and would have been there to help, but best to ensure appropriate safety equipment.

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