20th November 2021

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands is known to be one of Thailand’s most famous natural attractions. With two main islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh, the islands are great tropical getaways in Southern Thailand. These ultra-tropical islands are excellent getaways, just a 45-minute speed boat ride or a 90-minute ferry ride from either Phuket or Krabi. You can indulge in various types of water activities, including snorkelling, diving, island hopping, whale watching, sea kayaking and more. Once you arrive in the laid-back atmosphere filled with sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, you will likely never want to leave.

Explore idyllic beaches, snorkel or dive through a coral reef, hang out on a long tail boat sipping a cocktail, enjoy seafood and cold beer for lunch, spend a day learning to scuba-dive. Do you want to feel the ocean breeze on your face, the sun kiss your skin? Phi Phi islands have it all.

Lagoons of Phi Phi Islands
Crew Speed Boat Tour Phi Phi Islands

Enjoy all Kinds of Water Activities

Both a beach destination and a diving hot spot, Phi Phi Island is a must-see! This tropical paradise crowned with verdant peaks is home to palm covered beaches and blue lagoons that are the perfect place to unwind. Adventures await all those who choose to brave the waters around this exotic island. With the correct planning, an unforgettable vacation is never impossible. Lined with golden sand beaches, unspoiled tropical jungles, and craggy limestone cliffs, these islands are ideal for relaxing, unwinding, and recharging.

The independent and intrepid traveller who wants to see and do more than average Phi Phi is a fantastic choice. Though vastly different from one another, both islands offer relaxing beaches, pumping nightlife, and a wonderful experience of Thailand.

Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh

Visit Phi Phi Don, an inhabited tropical paradise, for leisurely day trips to the dream-like Maya Bay on its largest uninhabited island, Phi Phi Leh. This smaller island has beautiful bays and beaches, perfect for snorkelling or diving. Cycle around the idyllic beaches of the smaller islands on a bicycle, don’t forget to feast on some fresh seafood at any of the inviting seafood restaurants on the island. This popular travel destination boasts beautiful beaches, colourful coral reefs, and clear azure waters.

Imagine diving into inviting waters teeming with colourful marine life, exploring picturesque bays and magnificent coral reefs, and lying on the soft white sands of island beaches. Its silky white sandy beaches, towering rock formations, and vivid turquoise water attract hundreds of visitors each year.

Explore the beaches and bays of Phi Phi in search of vibrant marine life such as tropical fish, colourful sponges and sea cucumbers, and plan your trip with our handy travel guide and discover what makes this archipelago so unforgettable. You’re sure to have a blast holiday in the sun!

Phi Phi Don, the largest island, is home to several beaches, the majority inhabited by travellers and day-trippers. Located on the north of Phi Phi Leh, Maya Bay is notable for its stunning sunsets featured in several Hollywood blockbusters.

Charming Phi Phi Don is arguably the island’s main beach and its only village. It’s known for its sprawl of guesthouses and seafood restaurants. Take a stroll on the path nearby to uncover hidden coves with spectacular views.

Best Things to do in Phi Phi

Snorkel At Phi Phi Islands

Whether you’re checking for things to do in Phi Phi Island when you’re on vacation with the family or want to view things to do when visiting this part of Thailand when you’re on your own, no one beats our guide to what to do in Phi Phi. Take time out of your day with family and friends to enjoy the natural beauty.

Whether you’re into diving, hiking or scenic viewing, the Phi Phi Islands are filled with some of the world’s most stunning natural attractions. And though there are some man-made sites on the islands, most of what makes this place interesting is its breathtaking natural beauty. Pack your dive gear, your hiking shoes and your camera – here are some great places to see on Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi Islands are one of the most popular destinations in Thailand for a good reason. Visitors flock to the islands every year to marvel at their natural beauty and wildlife. You can even climb up rocky cliffs to get a fantastic view of the islands from above. The island is home to luxurious resorts, beautiful beaches, snorkelling spots, limestone cliffs, menageries of fish, sea turtles, coral reefs and more.

The magnificent clear water surrounds the islands. There are great places to stay on each island, with plenty to see and do. It’s easy to get around, with cheap boats travelling each day, stopping at all islands. Our guide covers the main attractions in-depth, with details on how to get there, costs, hours of operation and any significant changes or updates.

Viking Cave

Explore your imagination and see ancient ruins submerged in crystal clear blue water. Welcome to Viking Cave, one of the most notable natural spots on Phi Phi Leh. Located at the bottom of a tall limestone cliff off the north eastern side of the island, this remarkable cave takes roughly 30 minutes to get there by long-tail boat from Tonsai Bay (the main pier of Phi Phi Island). The boat ride through the gorgeous turquoise-blue sea is incredible, giving you great views of the entire island. Once you get to Viking Cave, it’s an easy ten-minute climb down the cliff to the pool area, which is where you’ll find the entrance to the long cave.

The Viking Cave is the subject of many myths and legends, but it’s most famous for its shape like that of a Viking ship. Legend has it that this cave was once occupied by pirates who had left treasure hidden somewhere here. Look out for monkeys, which are said to live in these forests.

The cave is roughly the size of a football arena and naturally decorated with limestone arches. It can be reached by a long-tail boat. It’s an exciting outing for those who dare, mainly because the winds at the top of the island can be pretty intense, even during the middle of the day. With Viking Cave as your destination, you can’t go wrong on Phi Phi Island!

Phi Phi Ferry Boat On Tour

Since modern man has discovered the cave, it has been used as a nesting ground for birds and a place to collect these valuable feathers and the nests themselves. Hearing the story of their stay for many months on one of the islands, Village people searched for edible birds’ nests. As these were located in abundance in the same cave where the sailors left them after tasting them, local villagers found it not hard to replicate their survival journey. Today, this small village has become one of the leading producers of edible birds’ nests in Thailand.

At the Viking Cave, your tour guide will introduce you to a local family, and you can live like the locals by living in a house on stilts and will be given a chance to view the cave-nesting swiftlets close up. You will also learn about their crucial role in the local economy and the special harvesting techniques used to preserve this natural resource for future generations.

Shopping Spree

Phi Phi Island has a lot of fun things to buy. You can shop for cheap T-shirts, flip flops, bags, straw hats and other essential items here. The Phi Phi Islands shopping experience is a tourist destination, with prices significantly inflated for most things compared to Bangkok. Many vendors offer the same goods at prices varying slightly less compared to the island’s main town. There are several markets to choose from, ranging from a modern shopping mall to a cluster of stalls selling detailed Phi Phi handicrafts or local food products. Most interesting, however, is the chance to shop at the longtail boat pier for another souvenir from your trip.

Phi Phi Islands’ best shopping opportunities are pretty small as opposed to some tourist stops. Most tourists come to this tropical island to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities rather than shopping for branded items. As a result, the most exciting goods you can find here are the everyday, essential holiday items.