Jet Ski Tours Of Phuket


20th November 2021

Jet-skiing is one of the prime ways to have water sports’ fun while on holiday. Our tour takes you to 5 different places, but not crowded by tourists. The tour involves a lot of fun, including jumps, ramps, and some challenging waves. We make a stop for a swim in the warm ocean and a picnic lunch in a tropical setting at every beach before going to the next destination. The tour will make you confident and strong to ride through all types of waves and tour conditions. You’ll know the right spot and expertise to take your ride to the next level.

Discover the Jet Ski Phuket Islands Tour – a combination of jet-skiing and island hopping – on a tour of the island’s best-kept tourist secrets. Prevail over local sea traffic and avoid large crowds to experience a quieter version of Phuket’s most stunning islands. The more adventurous can choose to skip the jet-skis and sail from one island to another, far off from others. Each of the islands is beautiful and boasts its unique geology and geography.

We will take you to five islands that will satisfy your adrenaline needs. For the adventurous, jet-skiing to create your path through the islands is an option, with beaches and clear waters all around you. Our tour will bring you to the most popular places in Phuket. It shows off tropical jungle and rocky coastlines, impressive man-made attractions and idyllic spots where nature’s beauty shines. You can also get up close and experience some of the local wildlife too.

Set off on an Adventure

Phuket is one of the most admired destinations for tourists in Asia. With its white sandy beaches, blue skies and calm waters, not only is it a great spot to relax, but it is also an ideal place to enjoy water sports.

What we can promise is a memorable, fun day with a variety of activities, exploring the hidden places on the island of Phuket. Our tour takes you on an adventure of secret spots, special places, and many beautiful sights, away from the crowded tourist beaches. Our experienced guides will assist you in having fun and playing safely while jet-skiing.

Most tours seem to visit the same four islands, and our tour instead takes you to five islands that are not on many other offers. You’ll discover remote tropical beaches where jet-skiing is possible, and of course, if you are up for snorkelling.

What better way to see Phuket than finding it by yourself. For those who love to make their destination, then this tour is for you. Our tour guide will stop at hidden beaches and coves away from the crowded tourist areas where you can enjoy various leisure activities between islands throughout the ride.

Phuket 5 Islands is a water tour to the best spots, which are not usually visited by powerboats. You enjoy beautiful jungle scenery, including limestone cliffs, virgin islands and small fishing villages along the way. Scenic, close to some fantastic beaches and amazingly awesome water sports. With the help of our experienced traffic control group, you’ll be safe. So enjoy your new incredible experience on some fabulous islands around Phuket. Be ready for a day that is full of fun and frolicking in the water with your friends. With our friendly professional guides, you can be sure you’ll have a great time. Don’t miss the chance to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This is your ultimate choice if you’re looking for an Island tour like never before. Our jet skies will take you to the most beautiful spots on this stunning island, with its historic temples, sandy bays with clear waters, exotic jungles, and hilltop viewpoints overlooking the sea. We won’t rush you, so be prepared to experience the action-packed trip with just enough relaxation to appreciate the spectacular view of nature. Our guide will take you to visit gorgeous islands. A variety of islands, from mountainous jungle type to beach paradise, await your discovery.

The Ultimate Experience

For those looking to make their adventure, this tour delivers. The tour takes you to five different islands, each with its distinctive character. Enjoy beautiful views, secluded beaches, and fresh seafood. This tour is especially for you if you want to experience the true natural coastlines of Thailand’s sea. Explore where only the locals know, far away from crowds and on jet-skis, you won’t find anywhere else. Our tour became one of the most popular for our fun-loving customers– there’s something for everyone!

This trip is the best way to discover these stunning picturesque tropical islands. It will take you to five different islands, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Thailand. The islands you’re going to visit: Koh Pae(Tha Lea Weak), Koh Sob, located in the middle of the sea with two islands, Mangroves seeing nature, monkeys, and culture, Koh Yao(Maldive beach) white sand, clear water and surrounded by palm trees, Koh Nok for sightseeing the viewpoint, Koh Naka Yai where you can chill and get some food.

The Jet Ski Phuket 5 Islands Tour is a peaceful and fun-filled tour where you can see nature in all its glory. You will be travelling between the islands, and you can experience what it feels like to loosen and indulge in the tranquillity of the sea, waves and breeze. It’s a great tour for everyone!