Phupa Elephant Trekking Phuket D2

Elephant Trekking

26th April 2015

There is little else in the world that tops more bucket lists than elephant trekking through the pristine Thai forests.  We have had visitors from all over the world come to our beautiful country just to fulfill this life-long wish.  Take advantage of this opportunity now while you can because it is becoming more difficult to find elephant trekking worldwide and Thailand is one of the last countries that will still allow people to ride their elephants through the jungle.  It’s an entirely different scope of nature and an experience that puts you at one with the land.  You will be able to see the world from the perspective of these majestic beasts that tower over nine feet tall and 4 tons in weight.  See what they see.  Travel, as they travel.  Have an experience that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before and make a memory that you will be telling your friends and family about for years to come.

There will be plenty of stops for photographs and we will make sure to get the most incredible backgrounds imaginable for your shot.  One of the best things about this activity is that the whole experience keeps you engaged and learning new things, but you can relax while you do it.  Take a load off and be prepared to sit back and relax while these animals do all the hard work for you.  The gentle sway and rocking you will feel as the elephants trek through the forest will have you so relaxed that you can even take a nap if that is your fancy.  Feel free to make this trip exactly what you need it to be.  Feel at one with the animals.  See what amazing creatures they are.  We have a whole slew of elephants that you can see and pet.  This will be one of the more memorable memories you’ll ever create.  We’d be honored it you’d do it with us.