20th November 2021

Celebrate Thailand’s fantastic wildlife with this unique experience. End your day in the safari-style morning visit, where you will be greeted at sunrise by our herd of beautiful elephants. Relax and watch these gentle giants in their natural habitat. Get up close and personal with these amazing creatures!

Let us take you to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary for a morning visit. This is one of the most humane elephant sanctuaries in Phuket. You will experience fun activities like swimming with elephants, feeding them, and bathing them. What other way to start your day than with an encounter of the pachyderm kind?

Get up close and connect with a family of elephants as they splash around in the river. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a mesmerising experience for both you and the elephants. This tour is set amongst the jungle at their sanctuary, and we will go the extra mile to make sure that you have an enjoyable and positive experience. Feeding, bathing and scrubbing these creatures can be very entertaining, and the elephants much appreciate offerings of food and other goodies!

Bathing With Elephants At The Sanctuary

It’s common in Thailand, especially in places like Phuket, to see elephant sanctuaries. Many of the elephant camps are focused on conservation, working with rescued elephants. And while everyone loves to view these grand creatures in the wilds, visiting them at a campsite is much more friendly. The main priority for these camps is to provide a high level of animal welfare, conservation and education. We believe in supporting such efforts and encourage you to do the same when exploring these types of venues for your adventure activities. You enjoy your time getting to know each one, rather than seeing them all through binoculars from a distance. Below are some reasons to consider visiting an elephant camp when in Phuket.

Big Mud Bath

Connect with Elephants

Morning is the best time for these visits because the elephants are most active, and our guides will help you learn more about them with a tour through the forest to the river. Your day begins with a visit to a unique and ethical park to connect with elephants! You’ll have enough time to acquaint yourself with these gentle giants and develop a friendship with one of them. You can walk alongside them, feed them from your hand, go for a dip in their pool and have a mud spa.

This is a jungle excursion like no other. This unique sanctuary provides a home for elephants to live free in an open environment, with enough supply of freshwater, food, and shelter. They are given free rein in the area so they can enjoy their natural habitat. Watch how it is possible to treat them with compassion and respect. Join your friendly guide for an intimate encounter with the elephants. Here you will learn about elephant life, feed them bananas and sugar canes and bathe them in their natural home. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Interact with Magnificent Elephants

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary welcomes curious visitors to experience our animals’ lives first-hand. Our guides tell you about the animals’ personal history and how we work with them, and our mahouts will make you part of their circle, taking you inside the jungle and showing you behind-the-scenes areas of the sanctuary.

On our morning visit, you will learn about the history of Phuket’s elephant village and have an opportunity to hand-feed a young elephant – one of the highlights of a visit to the sanctuary. Our unique tour includes a visit to the bathing area where you can help bathe a fully grown adult elephant – a memorable experience that many others will never have! Plus, you’ll get a chance to feed our most miniature baby elephant by hand.

Keeping The Elephants In The Sanctuary Cool

Guests of all ages and experiences will enjoy this morning tour. We offer close-up encounters that give visitors a chance to explore and learn about elephants in a natural setting. Our guides speak English and share extensive knowledge about the animals and their day to day lives. This activity is an opportunity to experience just what it is like to take care of these amazing animals every day.

Our morning tour is excellent for people who like to wake up early and see the elephants in the fresh light of the morning. We recommend you bring a towel, and some clothes – our mahouts will help visitors brush and wash the elephants, and it can be quite refreshing!

The Elephants In The Sanctuary Love Interactions

Safe Haven for Elephants

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary has been providing a haven for elephants in Phuket for years now. The love and affection the elephants receive are evident in how content and healthy they are. Foreigners can visit on a morning tour where they’ll be able to appreciate some stunning views while learning more about the sanctuary’s mission. You can enjoy a leisurely to see these beautiful animals and do as much or as little as you like; The elephants will certainly let you know what they’d like from you!

For an extraordinary animal encounter for people who love to photograph, have your camera ready because the elephants are adorable and will want to say hello.

The elephants are free to behave naturally; they act like ordinary elephants, not circus animals. There is no riding, and we do not ask our elephants to work, perform or do any activity outside their natural behaviours. We allow them to seek natural shade and rest when they require it.

At the sanctuary, we only provide a natural habitat for our elephants – one which they would live in if they were still wild. All our elephants benefit from living with other elephants – known as a ‘group’ – and having a wide variety of grasses to eat, plenty of shade provided by the giant trees, and access to a safe watering hole.

Have a Great Morning with the Elephants

Are you ready to explore the jungle and meet its magnificent inhabitants? Join our trip and head into the wilderness with an expert mahout. This is a unique encounter that will surely touch your heart as you watch these gentle giants splash in the water and swing from branch to branch.

Morning visitors can feed the elephants from a safe distance, listen to the trumpet, and learn about their life at the jungle sanctuary. Afterwards, enjoy a traditional Thai buffet-style meal like sticky rice, papaya salad, mango-coconut sticky rice, tropical fruit salad, and fried bananas. The package also includes fresh drinking water and a special snack for feeding the elephants. Take photos with family and friends– all in one great value package deal!

Bathing With Elephants

Enjoy a morning at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, where you can walk hand-in-trunk with the gentle giants, learning about their care and natural history. This is an intimate experience that you will never forget! Great for animal lovers of all ages!