26th November 2021
Jet Ski In Phang Nga Bay

Jet Ski Phuket Island Tours is providing one of the most exciting, adrenaline-filled tours possible. From the amazing scenery to the friendly local life this is a tour to remember. Making your own stops along the way enables you to find out more about Thailand’s history and culture, as well as its friendly locals. Take to the waters of Phuket and test your hand at jet-skiing in a tour that allows you to explore your surroundings in a fun and effortless way. These speedboats are the ideal choice for those who want to explore their surroundings. 

First and Original Jet Ski Tour in Phuket

Jet skiing is an exciting water sport being offered by the first and original jet ski tour in Phuket. But what is jet-skiing? Well, flying over the waves at high speed with on a thrill machine is simply exhilarating. This adventure requires no experience, just the ability to have fun.  So you want to jet-ski Phuket, but are not sure how to combine it with your holiday? Well, now you can! We run tours to choose how long you’d like to ride, or simply book a tour that matches your preferred duration. The choice is yours. You will also be guided to the perfect spot for an amazing jet ski adventure.

What better way to explore Phuket’s coast than on a jet ski? Step aboard this fast, easy to use watercraft and whiz around the island’s stunning bays. You’ll be able to view all of Phuket, from the tropical marine life to the mountainous jungle. Get closer to the water than you have ever before with our Jet Ski tour in Phuket! So what are waiting for? It’s time to hit the water!

Relax Time On Jet Ski Tour Phuket
Group Of Jet Skis Entering mangroves Phuket

Eight Islands in a Jet Ski Escapade 

This tour will cover the most beautiful spots in Phuket. We will bring you to secret spots with no crowded tourists. Island-hopping tours in Phuket can offer a new and exciting experience of the region. If you prefer making your own destination and like to get out and about, we’ll take you on a fun-filled journey to some of the most exotic and tourist-free islands. Our adventure tours allow you to make your own way from island to island. 

Island hopping on Phuket is the best way to get around the island, especially if you want more of an adrenaline rush. Drift on the currents of the crystal clear water on an unforgettable journey around the breathtakingly beautiful islands, sandbanks and limestone mountains on your way to pristine white sand beaches on their unspoiled coastline.

The Jet Ski Phuket Islands Tour will let you discover hidden beaches, several islands and jungles. The afternoon sightseeing promises unforgettable moments with the green jungle and turquoise sea. The ride through the mangrove forests is also an incredible experience. The water current around Phuket is the strongest in the country due to its tropical storms and high temperature. Phuket Island is rich in beautiful rock formations along with hundreds of islands, coral reefs, limestone cliffs, beautiful beaches, rocky shores and golden sands. These islands will be the destination for your jet ski trip while taking in the gorgeous scenery of several islands that will create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime!

Enjoy the ride on the waterway to see the most breath-taking views of Phuket, rare beauty that can only be seen from a sea view. Here’s an offer that gives you the chance to explore the islands from a whole new perspective. 

Travel Four Wonderful Islands 

Explore the tropical island paradise of Phuket on your favourite water adventure! Discover its deep-blue ocean, dramatic rock formations, secret hidden lagoons of emerald water and rich, lush green rainforest. With our jet ski tour, you get more adrenaline-pumping, adventurous fun than you would get on a speed boat tour. A jet ski can go places that no other means of transport can get to; through small, narrow creeks; across shallow waters; up close to beautiful beaches; in front of stunning rocky islands…it’s our guarantee of an unbeatable experience!

Guests will enjoy an unforgettable ride on the water and relish the beauty of Phuket and its surrounding islands. You’ll become one with nature while taking in all of the area’s gorgeous tropical wonders. Not only will you feel free on your personal watercraft, but you’ll be sure to enjoy the stunning surroundings that you wouldn’t otherwise get to see on land. The Jet Ski Phuket Tour is an unforgettable experience, with the most breathtaking sites in the area waiting for you.  Whether you are looking for an activity for you and your friends or family, our tours are great fun for everyone.

Amazing View On Jet Ski Tour

Enter the Mangrove Canal

Wander along the mangrove canal and experience the long coastlines that are home to sea creatures and birds. This area is considered one of Thailand’s most important tourist areas. Let yourself indulge in this wide expanse of sea and natural forest and challenge yourself to take in the beauty of the mangroves in any way you choose. 

The mangrove canal is more than just a canal. It is more like a floating forest with sea creatures hidden under the water. Unlike other types of forests, mangroves thrive where land meets the sea; they are also critical to the health and stability of our planet, serving as a natural protection for many forms of wildlife and valuable coastal defence systems.  This whole new experience gives you the chance to discover the beauty of nature and sea creatures often forgotten in many other areas.

Visit Monkey Island On Jet Ski

Monkey Island

Do you love to travel and see animals, but only in their natural habitat? Discover the joys of Monkey Island, where you not only see hundreds of lovable monkeys but also enjoy beautiful, tropical scenery and blue crystal waters. You can interact with the monkeys or just take photos of them, all while admiring the horizon and merging of nature and the blue crystal waters of the island.

Monkey Island is home to some of the friendliest monkeys in Phuket, Thailand. Take time while on your tour to see these little guys up close, watch them play and show off their agility skills. A perfect destination for everyone who likes to have fun while travelling– it is going to be really an unforgettable experience! 

Naka Yai Island

Naka Yai Island—a private island retreat. Exclusive. Serene. A world away from it all, yet easy to get to. It is an inspired getaway for the restless explorer seeking an authentic tropical paradise. Spend the day jet skiing across the lagoon to reach this private paradise. This tour is a perfect choice for a small group or a family. From the picturesque island to your private jet skis, you can experience a tropical oasis with unique locations to explore. 

The breath-taking white sands and scenic views will make any event or celebration unforgettable. You can let your hair down, take off your shoes, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. 

Beautiful Beach’s
Jet Ski At Rang Yai Island

Rang Yai Island

With beautiful white sand beaches and lush tropical forests, Rang Yai island is one of the most favourite views among tourists. This peaceful island is nestled in the clear blue waters of this stunningly beautiful gulf. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the sun, relax on white sandy shores, an array of wildlife. From sunrise to sunset, discover the beauty of the tropical island with its amazing natural surroundings.

Coconut Island

Coconut Island is a small, tropical island just a few minutes boat ride from the coast of Phuket. This little haven is the perfect location for a distant beach getaway. There are many places in Phuket that are known for their lively nightlife or their family-friendly attractions, but Coconut Island offers something completely different—peace and quiet.

Surrounded by crystal clear waters, lush green landscapes, and sand so fine it leaves your feet sand-free, this island offers a quiet and relaxing escape. This is the place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a little while and just breathe in some fresh air.

Koh Lipe (Maldives of Thailand) 

This small paradise has everything that island-lovers are looking for. With its turquoise waters, white sand, and coconut palms, there’s plenty to explore on the dense island, get yourself lost in the maze and get mesmerized by the views. Koh Lipe’s natural beauty remains unspoilt by mass tourism, which gives it something of a relaxing feel. It is well-known as a place to give you a remembrance that will leave a lasting impression. 

Once you arrive at our Koh Lipe, you will easily understand why it’s called “The Maldives of Thailand.” Brightly coloured boats bobbing in the sparkling water, white sand beaches along the water’s edge, and sunshine all day long – this place is simply unforgettable.

Group Tour On Jet Ski Phuket

No Need for Previous Experience – Jet Skis are Automatic and Easy to Manoeuvre!

Experience the thrill of riding a real jet ski! Ride through mangrove channels, pass by uninhabited islands, and cruise through open waters. Our experienced skippers will teach you the basics before you get behind the wheel. We offer competitive prices and attractive tour packages to suit all budgets. Meet new friends & enjoy breathtaking scenery, while our friendly, professional English-speaking guide will ensure that your jet skis adventures are one to remember for years to come. Tour Phuket’s coast with our experienced tour guides who will make sure you are safe and have fun! It’s the perfect fun activity for everyone!

Spend a day with us and we’ll prove to you why we’re the number one jet ski tour in Phuket