Food Poisoning how to avoid and what to take if contracted

6th September 2016

To get the most of your trip to Phuket of course you want to taste the local cuisine. It would be rude not to. Then there are the scare stories of what food stuffs are eaten locally and maybe a tad amount of snobbery and condescending views. Think about it logically though, the Thai people do not have epidemics of food poisoning, they have survived for millennials on their diet in perfect safety.

What you might experience is the different cuisines are difficult for your stomach to process so be aware of what you are eating and drinking. It might be that your stomach and that of your family and friends, are not hardened to the spicy and natural local delights.

To be safe avoid salads that may have been washed in the local water such as lettuce and other prepared salads. Eating whole fruits will be fine because these are likely to be fresh and not handled by anyone. It will contain bacteria that you body may not react well to.

Eating food on the go or in a restaurant are best eaten hot and well cooked through. That food is more likely to be well cooked with all germs killed through boiling and baking processes.

Avoid warm food that has been left standing in the open. You really do not know how long that has been there for and what has landed on it, such as a fly. The best cooking processes can still be at risk of contamination of flies and insects infested in germs that may potentially spread illnesses and diseases. Therefore, eat food that is being freshly prepared for you or from a street vendor where the turnover is fast.

Do not drink water from the taps, buy bottled water. Thai water may have a bad effect on you so do not take any risks, especially with children. Do stay well hydrated and nourished. Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world so enjoy it. Take yourself outside of your comfort zone and you will probably be amazed by the flavors and discover what is edible. The Thai people have a good ethos towards recycling and reducing waste, and that includes food stuff.  Enjoy.