3rd December 2021
Drive To Big Buddha On ATV Tour Phuket

When you come to Phuket, you want to see and do things you can’t do anywhere else. In that spirit, we offer an ATV tour through natural environments where you’ll have the time of your life. You’ll ride on untouched, untamed rainforests, get in touch with local villages, farms, plantations and mangrove forests. You’ll discover nature at its finest along the curves and turns of Phuket’s road less travelled. And like every wildly exciting escapade we take together, it’s not all about what you see but simply enjoying the experience. 

The Phuket ATV tour is fun, exciting and safe. This fun adventure ride gives you a real sense of the outdoors and is filled with surprises! Soak up the spectacular views and immerse yourself in the Phuket scenery on some of the best trails in Thailand.

Don’t be left in the dust during your next visit to Phuket. We offer an alternative way for vacationers to see all the sights that Phuket has to offer. Our exclusive tour takes you on a ride through natural, untamed beauty and not just the touristy things you see while on a tour bus or boat ride.

The tour is perfect for everyone – whether you’re looking for a new way to explore Phuket or just looking to do something different while on holiday.

Experience a New Thrilling Adventure

Are you tired of the same old events? Got a thrill-seeking side and want to go off-roading but have no vehicle? We can help you out with that! Hop on an ATV motorbike and explore our unexplored land. Feel the air whip past your face as you roar on our 4×4 trail exploring hidden natural wonders in Phuket at record-breaking speeds.

It is the most powerful way to experience the rugged landscapes of Phuket’s hinterland and jungle, as well as sea views from steep mountain ridges. This easy driving trail incorporates a variety of off-road terrains.

Our tour is organized to give you a fun, thrilling, family-friendly experience with breath taking scenery in nature. Our powerful 4 x 4 ATV bikes are automatic and easy to drive for everyone. It is a great way to get outdoors and heat your engine on the wide dirt trails of Phuket.

This is perfect for couples and families of all ages. You will have so much fun you won’t even realize how sweaty and dirty you are getting. It’s action-packed through challenging terrain with spectacular views. Our tours are safe, fun, and they make memories that last forever.

It’s the best seat ever! You’ll be comfortable in your vehicle with a fully operational throttle, hand brake, and the ability to swerve from side to side. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you drive through rocky terrain and brush. Hold on tight as you take a sharp corner or feel the sand blowing up against your face as you enjoy an off-road adventure.

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Family Time On ATV Tour Phuket

Beautiful Phuket

You’ll experience the new views that make Thailand stand out from other destinations in Southeast Asia. We want to enable you to get closer to nature, experience the wilderness, and become familiar with the beauty of the southern Thailand countryside. You will explore dozens of breath taking waterfalls and see spectacular caves in the dense rainforest. This tour is suitable for guests who crave excitement and adventure while challenging their limits.

Experience the real Phuket with our tour through the countryside. Ride along natural trails and paths through Phuket’s rubber plantations and forests and along secluded beaches. Meet the local forest workers and learn about the way they earn a living. Our tour gives you access to the most unspoiled parts of Phuket without large groups of tourists ruining your chances to explore the island without hassle.

Explore the Phuket area at high speeds, seeing secret spots that only locals would know and enjoy. Go up hills through picturesque locations and speed back down again, feeling the breeze in your hair as you are racing along straight stretches with no bends or bumps! 

Safe Ride for Everyone

Ready to have some fun? Never driven one before? No problem. Hop on an ATV – it’s the perfect way to see parts of Phuket you wouldn’t get to see otherwise. We welcome beginners as young as age four years old to join our one of a kind tour. Our automatic ATVs are safe and easy to operate even without prior riding experience– it is a unique experience for all riders. After basic instructions, your tour guide will lead you through dirt roads in the jungle and over hilltops. This is an excellent activity for people of all ages!

Fun For All The Family ATV In Phuket

ATV Safari, Elephant, and Big Buddha

Let’s ride your ATV on the dirt-covered road and feel nature! Ready to explore? Phuket ATV Tour is an exciting way for young and old to experience the real Phuket. The tour starts with a thrilling ride up the mountain, passing remote villages and other sights. Next, enjoy a visit to Big Buddha, where you can take in breath taking views. Get new experiences and impressions same time, and you will visit nice and calm Buddhist temples and see the culture and traditions of Thailand.

Unleash the adventure in you! – Our Phuket ATV Safari Tour is designed in a way that you can try several rides on varying terrains to make your holiday even more fun and memorable. Get alongside and personal with wild animals, including elephants. Whether you want to indulge yourself in the rich local beauty of Phuket or want to add some extra fun to the trip, this is the perfect tour for you. This is the best way to explore the local nature of Phuket. We allow you to escape the beach life with your loved ones. Take our fun-packed tour, go through the island’s amazing views, feed our giant elephants and enjoy the safari!

Great Views Driving ATV

Drive through the countryside in our all-terrain vehicle and get to know the people and natural landscapes of Phuket. Head out on a safari adventure along raw tracks, go sightseeing on historical trails, visit local villages and see some of Phuket’s beautiful scenery from a unique perspective. It’s truly an adventure not to miss!

Spend a day with us and we’ll prove to you why we’re the number one jet ski tour in Phuket