Bangla Road has long been known as the main bar area in Phuket, and for a good reason. The same could be said about other streets in Phuket Town, but Bangla Road comes to life after dark. The bars are all set up facing the road so guests can pick from a selection of places to party along this lively street.

It is a small alley, with plenty of bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Some street vendors sell all sorts of exciting things. The street has excellent nightlife, with loud music and cheap beer that is quite a good time. Phuket has lots of touristy places to experience, and this is one of these. For a unique experience, bop around these neon-lit streets at night and try to visit as many of the bars as you can.

Worth A Visit To Bangla Road Phuket

Bangla Road in Phuket sprays its heart and soul across the road. It is where you want to be once the sun goes down. The road is closed to traffic, and the sidewalks are lined with bars, clubs and restaurants competing for your attention with loud music, neon lights and dancing staff. There’s a different mood here every night of the week. It’s a perfect place to walk around and almost guaranteed to meet other travellers like yourself looking for a good time. Here you can join Thais and tourists alike on a noisy yet friendly walk along Bangla road.

More than just a street full of nightspots, Bangla Road is perhaps the liveliest and most colourful place in Phuket. It’s a genuine slice of the island’s culture and an excellent place to experience Thai music. Come here and get a bit of the wild side without being guilty of all-out debauchery. Sit down in a bar, order some drinks, walk around the road and watch the show, or join your friends in better entertainment elsewhere. It’s up to you — make sure to have fun and enjoy yourself. You might even find that Bangla Road changes your opinion of Phuket. And, best of all…it’s not expensive at all!

Enjoy the Nightlife

Boasting the most nightlife and some of the lowest prices in Phuket, Bangla Road is one of the city’s primary tourist destinations. It gets jam-packed every night. Treat yourself to a lively, festive and fun night out filled with great food, good drinks, live music and, of course, the fascination of all things.

What is there to see and do after dark in Phuket? If you’re new to the place, or here for a long time, you can never have enough ideas of where to get together with your friends. It’s always interesting to go down to Bangla Road and see what is happening. This street is lined with plenty of places to grab a drink and spend the night. Walk around the corner to venture out and see some live music, or head for an upstairs bar for a more intimate setting.

Bangla Walking Street

Bangla Road is now more famous as “Bangla Walking Street” and is recognized as the heart of Phuket nightlife. The whole road is jam-packed with bars and pubs to suit everyone’s taste, and you never know what you’re going to get. Many of the nightspots are hidden away down small alleys, whilst some are on main streets. The nightlife is one of its strong points: go-go bars, live music bars, beer bars, and many fantastic rooftop bars.

If you’re looking for a lovely time, the best place to start is Bangla Road. From backpackers to professionals looking for a wild night out, all can be found here. The local beer bars in the side streets offer cheaper drinks and a chance to mingle with the locals. The real attraction is the atmosphere that has been created.

As you have probably gathered, Bangla Road is the centre of all action in Patong, and if you want a place to have fun, experiment with new drinks, have a game of pool or even watch live entertainment, you will find it here. Walking around Bangla road, it’s hard not to be caught up by both the buzz of customers and the noise of loud music. While the bars constantly change, Bangla Road remains one of the most famous nightlife destinations in Phuket and provides something for everyone’s taste. It is the most famous road for visitors and locals alike.

Main Party Area

Bangla road is Phuket’s main party area; the walking street, to be precise, is lined with bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It’s an unusual town that boasts a nightlife that is always thriving, regardless of the season. The area attracts thousands of expatriates and tourists every year who are looking for an outrageous night out. The site combines old-town character with modern nightlife, providing all the distractions for visitors with a more active nightlife. The visitors are greeted by pulsating lights flashing in neon colours amidst the vivid tropical greens.

For women, there are shops. Of course. But Bangla Road is also an entertainment area: A few naughty bars where the girls chat you up and play silly games, or a few places where you can have a dance and a drink with them. It is an experience no traveller to the area should miss. Walking on the street is fabulous fun; you’ll watch funny shows and drink with friendly ladies while all around there’s a party atmosphere.

The Centre of Nightlife

Bangla Road is undoubtedly the centre of nightlife in Phuket, and you can find some of the best pubs and live music venues here. Choose from live music bars and rock bars that have live bands. With reasonable beer prices and good live concerts and bands every night, it is also a place for young backpackers. This bar has indoor and outdoor seating where you can have drinks and watch live performances simultaneously. The quality of the acts has been growing steadily over the years, and the volume isn’t deafening like other venues; instead, you can enjoy a great atmosphere and party away to some excellent artists. For the price of one beer or two, you can enjoy some incredible live music in relative peace.

This is the place where live music should be. The place where you can enjoy quality bands, great music and good drinks without having to break the bank. It is here to bring people together and make every night a party night.